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Advanced Balanced Scorecard Pt2



Course Details

Duration: 2 days
Code: 401
Price: AUD$1,980+GST
Course Details

This course assumes pre-existing knowledge of the balanced scorecard methodology gained from an introductory course (Pre-requisite Course 301: Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard) or from experience gained by working in an organisation that is using the methodology.

It is intended that this course be taken at least 6 months after the introductory course. This course incorporates much more detailed discussion about BSC system implementation in an organisation, and how to deal with the common problems associated with developing and implementing balanced scorecard systems. In particular, this course extends the conceptual framework of balanced scorecard systems into the development of detailed performance measures and strategic initiatives that are linked into an organisation’s business plans and budgets.


This course adds depth and dimension to the introductory balanced scorecard course. It systematically works through the processes of planning, developing and implementing an advanced  balanced scorecard system in an organisation. It delves much deeper into the organisational changes integral  to the balanced scorecard methodology, looking in detail at strategic thinking in organisations, the change management process , the cascading of scorecards throughout an organisation, scorecard integration with existing management and budgeting systems, sustaining the system, monitoring and evaluation and other advanced topics.

These include:
  • Launching the methodology. 
  • Thinking strategically; avoiding getting bogged down in tactical details. 
  • Strategy maps and best practices in developing balanced scorecard systems. 
  • Management tools to support the methodology. 
  • Decision choices and tipping points. 
  • Advanced concepts in performance management. 
  • Cascading the scorecard throughout the organisation. 
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges within your organisation. 
  • Evaluating your own organisation’s planning documents and processes.

Who Should Attend & Why

The course is aimed at middle and senior level management. It is designed for people in private, public or non-profit organisations who have responsibilities for building, implementing and/or maintaining management systems.

Typical attendees include those with responsibilities for implementing and/or maintaining management systems; developing appropriate performance measures; cascading scorecards to lower tiers in the organisation; evaluating or reporting strategic and operational performance data; and/or improving resource allocation decision making.

Course Benefits

The course is a hands-on workshop using interactive lectures, practical examples, case studies, shared participant experiences and practice sessions.

Participants are able to practice planning and facilitation skills to apply in their own organisation.

Participants will receive an Advanced Balanced Scorecard Toolkit, which includes sample forms and templates to support each step of the planning and implementing process, plus evaluation forms, exercises and related materials.

Course Objectives

  1. Reviewing Balanced Scorecard systems development:
    • Define the building and implementation process.
    • Identify the management tools that support the building   process; 
    • Understand the common challenges and how to deal with them.

  2. Implementing Balanced Scorecard systems:
    • Creating a vision of the future organisation;
    • Understanding the implementation steps;
    • Using scorecard information to improve performance.
    • Computerising and communicating performance information;

  3. Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Budgets and Operations:
    • Integrating existing management systems;
    • Cascading the scorecard throughout the organisation;

  4. Sustaining the Balanced Scorecard:
    • Understanding the people side of implementing change,
    • Developing effective reward and recognition systems,
    • Understanding the obstacles to change and how to overcome them.

  5. Evaluating the Balanced Scorecard Management System in your organisation:
    • Comparing practices between organisations;
    • Identifying improvements.

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