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Using BSCs and KPIs for NFPs


Course Details

Duration: 2 days
Code: NFP1
Price: AUD$1,575 + GST
Course Description

This two-day BSC course allows senior staff of Not-For-Profit organisation's (NFPs) to understand how to develop and implement a strategic management system in their organisation.  Using balanced scorecards the course provides ‘hands-on’ training and participants will practice developing a scorecard for a typical NFP organisation, using the step-by-step BSC methodology.

Topics covered in the course include:
  • The nine steps model for building and implementing a scorecard system
  • Clarifying the strategic framework
  • Developing strategy maps
  • Developing performance measures and targets   
  • Developing projects that improve performance
  • Automation and analysis
  • Cascading and strategic alignment

Who Should Attend & Why

This course is targeted at senior NFP staff who are implementing or thinking of implementing a strategic management or scorecard system in their organisation.

Course Benefits

Course participants will gain an understanding of the key concepts of the BSC and why it is becoming so widely used in NFP organisations.

The course is designed for senior NFP staff to understand how a BSC system works, what the benefits are, how to develop and implement the system, and what organisational changes are required to institutionalise the system.

Participants learn a systematic, nine-step methodology for building and implementing a BSC based on our international consulting experience.

Course Objectives

Participants will develop understanding and skills related to:

  • How the balanced scorecard methodology applies to not-for-profit organisations
  • Basic concepts of the balanced scorecard and how it can be used to improve organisational performance in not-for-profit organisations
  • The development of an Integrated Strategic Planning and Performance Management System in not-for-profit organisations
  • Scorecard Implementation, Execution and Sustainment

How the BSC Benefits NFPs

Balanced Scorecard and its international partner, Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI), have helped many organisations to implement the BSC.
Some examples that can be downloaded:

National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP)

BSI supported NMDP to develop an organisational Strategic Map and Scorecard as well translating them into department and support unit scorecards department objectives, measures and initiatives. This departmental cascading effort resulted in a clear articulation of how each department contributes to organizational strategy and ultimately the NMDP Mission. Now departments use strategy maps to guide staff meeting discussions on performance measures and a performance management software system is being used to facilitate discussion around corrective action for underperforming areas.
The NMDP uses the balanced scorecard in a transparent and disciplined manner, with full visible support from executive leadership, thus making NMDP a truly strategy-focused organisation.
Download the Bone Marrow Case Study

Kenya Red Cross

The Balanced Scorecard methodology has revolutionised strategic thinking at Kenya Red Cross.  A first for Kenya Red Cross was the critical examination and articulation of the value proposition or promise to their beneficiaries as a humanitarian organisation.  Again through the aid of a Strategy Map, Kenya Red Cross was able to articulate their strategy graphically and make it visual.  Again, for a long time, Kenya Red Cross had been running projects in different programme areas without giving much thought to their strategic importance or how they link up to the strategic objectives.  With the Balanced Scorecard, they were then able to understand clearly how a project contributes to the achievement of the strategic objectives and in turn to the mission of the organisation.  So the BSC has helped to articulate their plans and to justify the strategic importance of their projects. The BSC has changed the conversion on strategy at Kenya Red Cross and increased the focus on consistent monitoring of their strategy.
Download the Kenya Red Cross Case Study

BSA has considerable experience working with NFPs in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

Scorecards can aid strategic focus in your NFP as well as improve your performance management. The BSC has the flexibility of application for all organisations large or small; private, government and NFPs.

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