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2 Day: Practical Program Evaluation Masterclass


Course Details

Duration: 2 days
Code: PE
Price: AUD$1,380 + GST

Course Description
Gain an understanding of how program evaluation can be gainfully used to improve organisational performance and access to best practice evaluation tools and approaches.

A two-day course for managers and program evaluation practitioners who want to understand and carry out successful evaluations of their programs.

An essential element of good strategy management is the evaluation of programs including strategic initiatives. When carried out well, there are a range of benefits including improvements in initial program design, ongoing identification of areas for program improvement, an assessment of program outcomes and impacts, improved accountability, and an evidence base that can be used to secure program funding.

While there has always been a need for rigorous evaluation of programs and strategic initiatives by organisations across all sectors, this need has become much more apparent over the past few years. This has been most evident in the not-for-profit and public sectors where funding is increasingly tied to the demonstration of outcomes. This Masterclass aims to address this growing need by equipping participants to effectively evaluate their own programs, a critical element in effective strategy management.

Course Outline


i.      An overview of strategy management and the critical role of program evaluation
ii.     What is program evaluation and when should it be undertaken?
iii.    Evaluation planning and design
  • Types of evaluation and how to choose the most appropriate approach
  • Developing an evaluation team
  • Identifying and engaging stakeholders
  • Identifying primary and secondary evaluation questions
  • Developing program logic models
  • Ethics considerations
  • Evaluation capacity building
  • Developing the evaluation plan
iv.    Practical data collection
  • Understanding the different types of data that can be used in an evaluation
  • Deciding what is the critical data to answer the evaluation questions
  • Conducting semi-structured interviews and focus groups
  • Developing and conducting surveys
  • Documentary analysis
  • Developing case studies and the use of stories
  • Identifying reliable performance measures
  • Quantitative data collection approaches

v.    Data analysis
  • An overview of data analysis
  • How to choose the appropriate methodology
  • Analysing qualitative data
  • Analysing quantitative data
  • Statistical analysis
  • Developing and using control charts
  • Cost effectiveness and cost benefit analysis
vi.    Reporting the evaluation results
  • Evaluation reporting options
  • How to attractively and meaningfully present qualitative and quantitative results
  • Development of recommendations
  • Communicating the findings
vii.    Using the findings to make a difference

Who Should Attend & Why

Organisational leaders, people involved / to be involved in program evaluation, performance analysts.

Learning Objectives

Gain the relevant knowledge and practical skills to be able to oversee and implement evidence-based program evaluations.


This masterclass is conducted in an interactive manner with group-based brainstorming and hands-on exercises. Extensive use will be made of case studies and, where appropriate, participant programs.

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