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Balanced Scorecard Australia

Balanced Scorecard Australia is an Australian-owned company specialising in building strategic performance systems and KPIs in commercial, government and non-profit organisations throughout Australia and SE Asia. It is the Australian affiliate of the USA-based Balanced Scorecard Institute.


Our Mission is to provide knowledge, expertise and resources to organisations that wish to start or continue with the development of a balanced scorecard management system. More...


Our Services

We provide:

  • Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Applying best practices in strategic performance management
  • Application of the Balanced Scorecard Methodology
  • KPI Advice, assistance and mentoring
  • KPI development and review
  • Performance management reviews
  • Scorecard system audits

In-house & Public Training Programs


We offer internationally recognised and certified public and in-house training courses focusing on best practice in strategic performance management and measurement, and building and implementing modern scorecard systems.


Industry Workshops


A one-day workshop series combining the experience of our Senior Associates with local companies to explore how modern performance systems are adapted and implemented across a range of industry settings.




Who we are

Our Senior Associates

Balanced Scorecard Australia’s Senior Associates are highly experienced consultants with extensive senior management experience and understanding of current best practices in the development and implementation of strategic performance systems. Their expertise combined with the long consulting experience of our affiliate partner - the US Balanced Scorecard Institute - enables BSA to provide superior knowledge and resources to individuals and organisations - small and large - that wish to commence or continue with the development of a balanced scorecard system.


Affiliation with the Balanced Scorecard Institute

Balanced Scorecard Australia has forged a close link with the USA-based Balanced Scorecard Institute. The Institute has provided training, certification and consulting services to a wide range of commercial, government, and non-profit organisations since 1996. During that time it has amassed a vast amount of experience in the development and implementation of balanced scorecard systems in a wide variety of public and private sector organisations (see client list ) and has turned that experience into a series of training courses that are delivered in cities across the USA and overseas by the Institute’s senior consultants.


Balanced Scorecard Australia is proud to be the Australian affiliate of the Institute and to have access to the Institute’s experience and expertise. Balanced Scorecard Australia delivers the Institute’s training courses in Australia.

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