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Developing a Balanced Scorecard System


developing a balanced scorecard system



The development of a balanced scorecard system in any organisation is undertaken in partnership with the senior executive/management staff of an organisation. The process is customised to suit the needs of the specific client, however the usual steps for developing a Balanced Scorecard System in an organisation involve the following steps:


(1) Phone/email discussions to fully understand the organisation's requirements. This sometimes leads to a 3-4 hour executive seminar with the organisation's executive group to discuss the balanced scorecard methodology in more detail before committing further.


(2) An introductory 2 day balanced scorecard workshop to enable the executive and other senior management staff to develop a more informed overview of what a balanced scorecard system is and how it works. This step allows the executive to particiate in the first steps of building a system without committing to going any further.


(3) Developing the organisation's balanced scorecard system. This is discussed during the introductory workshop. Further development of the organisation's scorecard system will require the establishment and training of cross-functional teams to develop and take ownership of appropriate management reporting systems. Each organisation does this differently.


(4) Ongoing support. Organisations normally require ongoing support via phone and email plus some later workshops as the system is 'rolled out', depending on the levels of in-house expertise that has been developed. It is also valuable to undertake an annual audit of the system to ensure it is achieving anticipated results.


(5) Staff training. Extensive staff training occurs in step 3, however this can be supplemented by staff attending more specialised BSC training programs offered by Balanced Scorecard Australia.

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Deciding Whether to Proceed with the BSC

Our in-house Executive Workshop is designed to provide leaders and managers with the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the Balance Scorecard.



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