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Does your Balanced Scorecard Lack Traction?
Map-Measure-Improve: The Platform for Operational Excellence

The first phase of every Balanced Scorecard implementation is to describe what an organisation wants to achieve. The what is described by the strategy map, the strategic themes, objectives, measures and targets.


What moves a Balanced Scorecard from a what to achieve to a how to achieve are the strategic initiatives that address the gaps in desired performance.


Organisations rarely lack a wish list of strategic initiatives. What they lack, especially in the Operational Excellence theme, is the capability to execute.


We at Balanced Scorecard Australia have developed a process improvement method known as MMI or Map-Measure-Improve that provides a seamless integration with the Operational Excellence theme of the Balanced Scorecard.


MMI is a simple but powerful 3 step method to drive waste out of business processes to achieve the Operational Excellence objectives in the scorecard.


MMI can be taught to your people in just 3 days. All you need is a basic knowledge of Excel to use the templates.


MMI is best described as “Lean on steroids”. Not only does it select the best tools from the universally acclaimed Lean for Production and Lean for Service approaches but it ensures that the results obtained shift the right needles on the organisation’s Balanced Scorecard.


The big difference between MMI and other techniques is its simplicity of approach, a focus on the gaps between KPIs and targets and a greater alignment with the strategy so resources are not wasted because the wrong areas are being addressed.


As one senior manager put it “Half of our strategic initiatives are aligned with our operations strategy. The trouble is I did not know which half! MMI together with the Balanced Scorecard provided us with the great framework and toolkit to do what we always wanted – put us on the right journey towards operational excellence”.


For more information on how MMI can assist you, contact Balanced Scorecard Australia.


Deciding Whether to Proceed with the BSC

Our in-house Executive Workshop is designed to provide leaders and managers with the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the Balance Scorecard.



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