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Feedback from Courses

"The course has consolidated my theoretical perspective with the practical approach that your Institute uses in teaching. I am a converted and passionate believer of Balanced scorecard and will strive to make sure that our Bank implements BSC along the methodology you have taught us, researched and practiced.”

"Any organisation that is wanting to get off the merry-go-round and start to make progress needs to implement a BSC system to provide direction and focus for the whole organisation. The best course I have attended by far."

“Many thanks for the BSC program last week in Sydney. I thought I had some knowledge of Balanced Scorecard, but I learnt so much last week about the BSC approach and methodology and the fact the BSC approach has evolved so much from my previous level of understanding. I found the strategy maps really interesting as the overall approach reinforces my view that employee learning and development underpins most organisational strategy, competitive advantage and success.”

“This was a well designed course which gave me a more comprehensive theory and best practices on developing and managing Balanced Scorecard. I thoroughly recommend this course to others”.

Course Catalogue

The Courses offered by Balanced Scorecard Australia are:


Course 101: 
Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard

Course 102: 
Advanced Balanced Scorecard

Course 201: 
Balanced Scorecard Professional Certification

Course 202: 
Balanced Scorecard Master Professional Certification

Course 101: Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard

3 Day Course

The Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard is a general overview course. It looks at what is the BSC methodology, what is a BSC system, and what are the steps in building one in an organisation.

This course covers the processes of creating a BSC system in a generic organisation - linking organisational mission/vision and values statements into a BSC framework; development of strategic themes and perspectives; development of meaningful strategic objectives for an organisation; development of theme based strategy maps. The course includes discussion of examples of BSC implementations and case studies. To find about our next Introduction course, please refer to the Course Schedule.

Course Fee:  AUD$2,980 + G.S.T.

 Intro to BSC Brochure 2015 v2.pdf

Course 102: Advanced Balanced Scorecard

Advanced Balanced Scorecard PDF.pdf

2.5 Day Course

The Advanced Balanced Scorecard course incorporates a much more detailed discussion about BSC system implementation in an organisation, and how to deal with the common problems associated with developing and implementing balanced scorecard systems. In particular, this course extends the conceptual framework of balanced scorecard systems into the development of detailed performance measures and strategic initiatives that are linked into an organisation’s business plans and budgets.  To find out about our next Advanced Balanced Scorecard course, please refer to the Course Schedule.

Course Fee:  AUD$1,980 + G.S.T.

 Advanced Balanced Scorecard 2015 v2.pdf


These courses are for people who are or will be closely involved in the development and implementation of BSC systems, and especially those responsible for the implementation of a balanced scorecard system in their organisation. 

Certification is offered at two levels:

Level One - Course 201: Balanced Scorecard Professional Certification (BSP)

Level Two - Course 202: Balanced Scorecard Master Professional Certification (BSMP)

Course 201: Balanced Scorecard Professional Certification (BSP)

5 Day Course

Developing and Implementing a Balanced Scorecard System in an Organisation.

The Level One Certification Course is an intensive amalgamation of courses 101 and 102 and includes extensive use of case studies. This course is followed by a 60 minute multiple choice examination to achieve Level One certification. 

To find out when the next BSP course is being held, please refer to the Course Schedule. 

Course Fee: AUD$4,980 + G.S.T.

 BSP2015 Brochure v2.pdf

Course 202: Balanced Scorecard Master Professional Certification (BSMP)

5 Day Course

The Level Two Certification Course is focussed on facilitating the development of a BSC system in an organisation. It requires BSP certification as a pre-requisite (course 201 plus examination). 

The course draws upon all of the Balanced Scorecard Institute’s experience in implementing BSC systems in a range of private, public and not-for-profit organisations. It deals with the common problems that are encountered in building BSC systems, the process of ‘cascading’ BSC systems through an organisation, change management, the facilitation techniques and methods that have been found to work, the acquisition of appropriate software, and how to keep systems under continual review and evaluation. The course includes extensive use of case materials.  To find out when the next Course is being held, please refer to the Course Schedule.

Participants are required to present a specific Balanced Scorecard implementation case on the final day of the course to achieve Master Professional certification.

Course Pre-requisite: Participants must have achieved BSP certification (course 201 plus examination). 

Course Fee:  AUD$4,980 + G.S.T.

 Course 202 - BSMP Information Brochure.pdf